Inspire 101 Presents Shegun Olusanya

We are rounding up our preparations for our Inspire 101 Workshop, if you haven’t got your tickets to either our Inspire 101 Wedding and Special Events Workshop for budding event planners OR our Champagne Reception At Harrods OR our Special Wedding Industry Dinner at the Jumeirah Carlton for an opportunity to network with wedding professionals do contact us for further information.

It gives me such great pleasure to introduce my other half, my perfect distinguished gentleman, my long-suffering husband to the blog this evening. Shegun Olusanya, is the other half of Cedar Events. He is the meticulous & pragmatic one & yours truly is the slightly eccentric creative & tireless one of the duo. My husband has a passion for grooming, public speaking and etiquette. He will be our Masters of Ceremonies & Motivational speaker at the Inspire 101 Wedding & Special Events Workshop and I have cajoled him to appear on the blog today

I promise you will all fall in love with him. He is the brains behind the Inspire101 – IEE program (Inspire, Educate & Experience). I present to you the man after my own heart. Shegun Olusanya, BA (Hons), LLB (Laws), London.

CedarEventress: Can you tell us how you got into public speaking?

Shegun: Before I joined Toastmaster I was a good speaker. I had spoken at various events internationally. The first event I can remember was a Wedding in Los Angeles in the summer of 1995, after that I spoke in many other events.

In 2003, I joined Toastmasters International through a local club in Croydon. This opened my eyes to the communication, listening and leadership skills required to be an outstanding Public Speaker.

In 2005, when I was called upon to be the Master of Ceremony for an event in the House of Commons, I was ready! But for the experience I gained in Toastmasters International, I would not have been able to manage the House of Commons event with all the etiquette, the protocol and the decorum required for the occasion.

As a Toastmaster, I have had many roles; some of them are Club President, Club Treasurer and Area Governor. As Area Governor I was in charge of 4 clubs (one of which was started during my tenure – I had to help manage and publicise the club in my area and in other areas). My role involved managing 24 committee members, speaking on a regular basis and providing training workshops for the clubs. The experience in Toastmasters International has given me and is still giving me is invaluable. It is an avenue to practice my speaking, listening and leadership skills on a regular basis. Like anything, the more you practice the better you get.

The CedarEventress: How important do you feel that networking at events such as Inspire 101 are for budding event planners?

Shegun: It is invaluable. When we started Cedar Events over 10 years ago, we did not have access to events like this in the UK. We travelled to the US (Baltimore and Las Vegas) on many occasions to attend these type of events. The Inspire 101 events are different from many similar events. It is where top level players in the industry share trade secrets. New entrants in the business can key into the luxury end of the business by coming to this type of event where players in the luxurious end of the business will share their story about how they got there, how they have been there for many years and how they intend to be on top of their game. Frankly, this is not information that is readily available. We have kept the numbers small as we know this is not for everyone but for those in our industry whose business strategy is to do few but highly profitable events.

CedarEventress: What aspect of your job do you enjoy most?

Shegun: The aspect of my job I enjoy most is when the client calls after the event to say thank you and commend us about the service we provided. The icing on the cake is when they then take it upon themselves to refer other customers. Some are so thrilled that they call every one after their event and tell them they have no choice by to use our services. We had a client who referred us only days after her event and not only arranged the meeting but made sure she was present at the meeting. That is what you get when you have done a good job. It is so good your client believes in what you do!

The CedarEventress: Is there anyone is your field/industry that you can say inspires you?

Shegun: As far as Public Speaking is concerned, I am inspired by the wonderful people I have had the privileged of meeting in my local Toastmasters Club (Croydon Communicators). These are ordinary people achieving extra ordinary things. We have the  2011 UK and Ireland Toastmasters International public speaking champion, the person who came third in the world Public speaking competition and the person who won the Evaluation champion. Working with the best on a regular basis surely brings me closer to the best I can be

The CedarEventress: Are there any upcoming plans/ventures that you want to tell us about?

Shegun: As one of the Directors of Cedar Events, I have been involved in many Weddings. I have been involved in the logistics and many other areas of the plans. What I have noticed is that the groom gets a bit neglected in the preparations for the wedding. Although, I have been the MC of the weddings and helped the groom (and sometimes the Best man and the grooms Dad as well), I believe the groom needs a bit more help. The bride gets help with her hair, her dress (and everything regarding her appearance on the big day).  In view of the above, I have launched our Distinguished Gentlemen’s Grooming Service (DGGS). This will not only include what I have been doing for the groom, it would involve working with Grooms whether they book their Wedding Planning with us or not. We will help with the etiquette for their big day, what to wear, how to wear it, how they look on the day etc. I believe this is a service that is required. I have seen many grooms and I believe a lot more can be done to make them look as good as their bride!

Keep your eyes peeled for his new venture the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Grooming Service (DGGS).

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