Inspire 101 Presents William Clarke Flowers

We are getting ever so close to our inaugural Inspire101 Wedding and Special Events Workshop. We have a fully packed schedule for the next few days including this post about the dedicated and outstanding team at William Clarke . As one of our VIP speakers it is our privilege to introduce to you their work and give you a brief insight to what our Inspire101 delegates will have the to opportunity to experience.

William Clarke Flowers is a designer florist company based in the heart of London made up of a 4 über creative individuals who work tirelessly in achieving their aim ‘to provide a professional but personal service with exquisite results.’ Flowers are such a universal accessory to add to a dull office, special event or occasion; from weddings to funerals to that special valentines dinner that some of us may have been treated to just last week. Thus it is important to have the widest selection of flowers and a trustworthy and experienced florist to create the floral arrangement that will really make your event a distinguished one and leave your loved one pleasantly surprised.

Their clients include private individuals such as yourself, celebrities to name a few – Madonna, Mariah Carey and Lady Pamela and companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Juicy Couture and Christian Dior. They have also worked at some of London’s most prestigious venues including  The Dorchester, the Royal Albert hall and St Paul’s Cathedral. If this is not enough to convince you of their expertise and regarded reputation, below we will be showing you examples of their divine work. William Clarke Flowers also hold their workshops, so for all you budding florists you can check out their website for dates of future workshops so that you can learn from the best.

Without further ado

The CedarEventress:  What can you attribute your success in your industry to?

William Clarke Flowers: Attention to detail, working with the bride on a personal one to one basis to keep  expectations and reality in line with one another.

The CedarEventress: How important do you feel that networking at events such as Inspire 101 are for budding event planners?

William Clarke Flowers: Extremely important to keep up to date with trends and new ideas, every wedding is unique and each bride will have very different requirements, so you need to have an unlimited list of contacts.

The CedarEventress: What aspect of your job do you enjoy most?

William Clarke Flowers: That moment when the bride sees what you have created and the joy you see on her face.

The CedarEventress: Is there anyone is your field/industry that you can say inspires you?

William Clarke Flowers: We can all learn new and exciting ways of being creative, and need to be open to learning from each other, no matter what level we are at. As for florists I think Jeff Latham is a creative genius.

The CedarEventress: Are there any upcoming plans/ventures that you want to tell us about?

William Clarke Flowers: We have a number of workshops coming up where we will be working exclusively with Wedding and Event planners, ensuring that they are able to achieve the best results from their florists when consulting on behalf of brides/clients .

We are also exhibiting at the following wedding shows:-

  • Sherlock Holmes Hotel – Baker Street – Sunday 26 February
  • One Whitehall Place – London – Sunday 4 March
  • Landmark Hotel – Saturday 10 March
  • Warren House – Kingston – Sunday 11 March
  • St Ermins – London – Sunday 18 March
  • IoD – Pall Mall – London – Sunday 25 March
  • Designer Wedding Show – October

You can contact William Clarke Flowers via;

Their website



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