Getting to Know: Tunde Oguntolu of JohnMarxis

Today on Getting to Know, I’ll be chatting to an amazing photographer who I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with at the Kosibah 20th Anniversary event. Tunde Oguntolu, founder and owner of JohnMarxis, the professional wedding photographers who pride themselves on ‘the creation of beautiful, stunning images for the wedding and fashion industry’ will be filling us in on their latest work and how he got started in business.

The CedarEventress: Describe your business in one paragraph

Tunde Oguntolu: Our vision at JohnMarxis is simple: Be Unobtrusive, Creative & Unique. We are known for delivering beautiful and distinctive wedding photography that captures our clients in a moment in time, forever gone. Our wedding photographs echo Classic Romanticism, Passion, Love, and Intimacy and are Full of Emotions. We offer highly-personalised services that suit our clients’ needs. Clients come to us to get something beyond the ordinary – The JohnMarxis Look.


The CedarEventress: When was your company founded?

Tunde Oguntolu: JohnMarxis was founded last year in 2010.

The CedarEventress: Why did you decide to start your company?

Tunde Oguntolu: They say inventing a job is better than finding one, and I think this is very true. When you start something of your own and are passionate about it, no one can say you don’t have enough experience. This was one of the many things that prompted me to start the business.

The CedarEventress: What was your career path prior to starting your first business?

Tunde Oguntolu: My career path was in engineering but after graduating from University of Hertfordshire, I realised there was a thirst that engineering could not quench and thus began a quest the journey.

 The CedarEventress: Did you always know that you would start your own business?

Tunde Oguntolu: I think everyone has the dream of starting their own business, but few turn it into reality. Deep down, I knew that sooner or later I would start my own business, but it required a little push and when that came, I grabbed onto it and never let go.

The CedarEventress: Can you tell us more about some recent work you have produced?

Tunde Oguntolu: I’ve covered numerous weddings across England and the most recent one was at Brands Hatch. It was beautiful, the setting romantic and the wedding guests eager to party all night long. Others included Africa Fashion Week, which was full of incredibly beautiful African-inspired designs from across the world.

 The CedarEventress: What are you working on at the moment?

Tunde Oguntolu: Right now I’m working on images from weddings that I’ve recently covered.  There’s so much to sift through and each wedding requires dedicated time to process and more weddings are still coming. It’s unbelievable but that’s why I love doing what I do.



The CedarEventress: Can you describe your typical working day?

Tunde Oguntolu: A typical working day starts off with a walk through the park to breathe in some relaxing air and then a cup of coffee to gear my mind for the rest of the day. I work typically 13 hours a day working on images, dealing with wedding queries and meeting clients to discuss their wedding. Sometimes I think 24 hours is just not enough.

The CedarEventress: Describe your clientele

Tunde Oguntolu: I would describe my clientele as professional people who know what they want, aren’t afraid to go for it and know the value of beautiful wedding photographs and the emotional impact they carry throughout time.

The CedarEventress: What have been the highlights of running your own business?

Tunde Oguntolu: I see more stress than highlights in running the business though at times something special does put a smile on my face. My joyful moments surface when brides and grooms call me to say thank you for the quality of service delivered and more importantly the unquantifiable value of the work we deliver that really makes my day.



 The CedarEventress: What is the hardest part of running your own business?

Tunde Oguntolu: Running a business is hard from start to finish; you have to fight for everything just as you do in any other part of life, but running your own business requires that bit extra because failure is not an option.

The CedarEventress: What has been your proudest business moment so far?

Tunde Oguntolu: There are many proud moments, however the proudest is realising that you only need an idea and by nurturing that idea you turn it into something incredibly special and life fulfilling.

The CedarEventress: What, or who, inspires and motivates you?

Tunde Oguntolu: There are a few people that inspire me, and Steve Jobs is one of them. His story is an inspiration, starting with nothing but an idea that is now a world leader in the technology world and changed the way we interact with technology. His story really inspires me and is a source of constant motivation.

The CedarEventress: Tell us about your involvement in the Kosibah 20th Anniversary event and why you got involved.

Tunde Oguntolu: It was a pleasure to be part of the anniversary. My part was to capture Yemi Osunkoya’s incredible and beautifully unique collections of bridal and evening wear. Kosibah a brand that’s synonymous with beauty, class and elegance which is something JohnMarxis is also known for and being involved in its 20th Anniversary was wonderful.

The CedarEventress: Extra info – in addition to your company website, is there any other information you’d like to share?

Tunde Oguntolu: Check out our blog at where we share our ethics, work philosophy and everything else that’s on our mind. It might just inspire you.

Please feel free to further explore JohnMarxis via;

Website address:

Twitter:  @JohnMarxis

LinkedIn: John Marxis


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