Getting to Know: Liz Inigo Jones

After a blustery week, we are back with another edition of Getting to Know. We will be talking with Liz Inigo Jones of Blueskyflowers founded in 2001. Her bespoke flower designs were featured at the Kosibah 20th Anniversary Event & Launch of the Bienvenue 20 anniversary collection. We have some striking pictures from her portfolio of work and this time we decided to add a little spice to the post by asking the participant to give some recommendations for 2012. It’s a new year and we know our subscribers and supporters want to know what is going to be ‘in’ for 2012. Let’s get started………………………..

The CedarEventress:  Describe your business in one paragraph

Liz: Blueskyflowers is a London based florist working from the flower market at New Covent Garden. We work on weddings, parties, PR events, corporate and private events in and around London and the M25 area. We are happy to work to a budget or work with our clients to create the event of their dreams.     


The CedarEventressHow many individuals are involved in Blueskyflowers?

Liz: One very busy one plus excellent freelancers.

The CedarEventressWhy did you decide to start your company?

Liz: I worked for Woodhams and decided that I wanted to do my own thing and have the freedom to work for myself and have time for my family too.

The CedarEventressWhat was your career path prior to starting your first business?

Liz: I worked in magazines – including Elle Decoration and The World of Interiors for a total of around 14 years, styling shoots and working on promotions but always wanted to be more creative so when I got the chance to jump ship I did!

The CedarEventressDid you always know that you would start your own business?

Liz: No, I trundled along relatively happily for a long time working in an office until a realised there was more to life and I love the freedom that I now have to do just what I want to do.

The CedarEventressDescribe your clientele

Liz: Mostly wonderful  people who want/need but don’t understand flowers! Generally they are normal, everyday folk but occasionally there are ‘challenging’ types who just make the days more exciting!

The CedarEventress: What is your favourite flower and why?

Liz:  Roses have been my favourite flower for bouquets and displays for a long time – I don’t like them in the garden but just love to work with all the hundreds of different colours that are available. From the pure icy ivory and incredibly fragrant Norma Jean to the rich black-red of Black Baccara and the gorgeous taupe softness of Sahara and Quicksand – I could use nothing else and be happy. If I can squeeze in another fave, Hydrangeas are also amazing as their large colourful heads are wonderful at filling in big displays and can create quite a dramatic impression used en masse.

The CedarEventress: Can you tell us more about some recent work you have produced?

Liz: I have been lucky enough to have some amazing bridal clients who have trusted me to create what I think is right for them based on their brief to me. The vintage look for weddings was very strong last year, and I have done several but they are all different in their own way. I like to bring unique touches to each wedding so that whilst one or two may be similar in style there is something special to each client

I’ve also just done a fabulous shoot with photographer Fiona Kelly and wedding planner/stylist Helen Carter – can’t give any details at the moment but watch the Twittersphere!

The CedarEventressWhat are you working on at the moment?

Liz: I am working on a shoot which will hopefully go into You and Your Wedding Magazine.

The CedarEventressCan you describe your typical working day?

 Liz: Early until it is all done! No seriously, whilst florists do often have to start early I try to keep the 5 o’clock starts for just once a week. I get to my unit at the flower market with a list of what has to be done that day, grab a hot drink and have a walk around to see what is fresh in and best to buy. I make up displays, do my deliveries, check how the hotel flowers are (The Royal Horseguards in Whitehall) and touch up or replace where necessary, take calls about weddings and events, book in jobs for the next day and following week and try to be back to meet my son after school. I grab a glass of cold white wine as soon as it is polite and not a worrying issue to do so and chill out, usually falling asleep in front of the TV around 10.30!

The CedarEventressWhat have been the highlights of running your own business?

Liz: Having the freedom to do what I want to do and choosing to pass over things I don’t want to do. Although working for yourself means that you usually have to take most jobs that come along, in case there isn’t another for a while, you can be flexible within these limitations. Not working in an office with the same group of faces day in, day out, has to be the biggest plus!

The CedarEventressWhat is the hardest part of running your own business?

Liz: See above! Learning to say no and not doing too much – still haven’t managed to crack this one yet .

The CedarEventressWhat has been your proudest business moment so far?

Liz: Pitching for and winning a hotel contract that has been challenging, fun, exciting, nerve wracking and wonderful – usually all in the same day!

The CedarEventressWhat, or who, inspires and motivates you?

Liz: Robbie Honey is inspiring and a wonderful creative florist. My son motivates me as I want to show him that working hard can bring the things in life that you want, whatever they may be.

The CedarEventressTell us about your involvement in the Kosibah 20th Anniversary event and why you got involved.

Liz: I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Yemi on his 20th Anniversary Event and support him at this amazing time in his career. I thought it would be a really good evening and an opportunity to meet people in the industry that I hadn’t met before – and I did!

Photo’s by

The CedarEventressWhat are your comments on flower trends for 2012?

 Liz:  I think there will be a shift away from the almost overwhelming vintage look from 2011 towards a more individual, slightly pared down feel. Simple displays, blocks of single colours and massed same flower groups, extended use of candles and candelabra to give a delicate, pretty atmosphere. Primarily pastels, ivories, sandy/taupe colours and less of the ‘old pink’ that is getting, frankly, a little old fashioned!

 The CedarEventressAny other interesting news to share?

I’ve done a couple of wonderful shoots this year which have been featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and Brides Cafe and am hoping to do some more in the next few months. They are great for trying out creative ideas and working with new planning and photography teams.

Contact Liz at Blue Sky Flowers

Website address: 

Twitter: @blueskyflowers

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2 Responses to Getting to Know: Liz Inigo Jones

  1. As always I’m stunned by the beauty and freshness of Liz’s work. It’s wondeful to learn a bit more about the person behind such wonderful work. It was a coup for me to have Liz create the floral arrangements for my 20th Anniversary and will happily continue to recommend her to my brides.

  2. Excellent flowers. Liz has an eye for detail!

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