Inspire 101 Presents Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah

Good people, I am sure by now we have all got our tickets to our upcoming events for our Inspire101 Wedding and Special Events Workshop. We hope to see many of our dear subscribers there!

Today, we are back with an exclusive and inspiring post from one of our good friends at Cedar Events; the multiple award-winning Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah. As a Couture Bridal and Eveningwear designer, Yemi specialises in figure enhancing gowns that shape and flatter the wearer. Through his signature use of corsetry and draping, he is able to celebrate the female form by recreating the Classical hour-glass shape

We will be using this feature to show you exactly why he has built up such a reputable following over the years, why so many admire his work and highlight the meticulous process of couture dress making. He is of course a regular mention however we thought we’d use this as an opportunity to officially remind you all that he will be one of our knowledgeable VIP speakers at the workshop and give you a brief introduction to him. Yemi will be telling us how he feels about being one of the guest speakers at Inspire 101.

Kosibah as a brand was established in 1991, however the dream and hard work building up to this  had begun very much before this. Yemi first noticed his fascination with fashion in general and bridal wear in particular at his first high society wedding in Nigeria. From then on, whenever he accompanied his parents to social gatherings, he would feel compelled to draw the dresses and guests after the function. So began his life-long love of figurative drawing.

Below you can see how his creative craft and figurative drawings have only become more intricate. From mind to paper, this is how designs are transferred from client desires and requests to begin the process of bespoke dress making. (Click to view slide-show)

Yemi completed a degree in Textile Design at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He then went on to bolster his studies at the Paris Academy of Fashion, gaining top marks in both men’s and women’s wear. The name Kosibah was chosen in honour of his mother and is taken from the Republic of Benin being the day name of a female child born on a Sunday. With over 20 years of success, as celebrated with the release of his Bienvenue 20 Bridal Collection he has really made his mark on the industry.

Yemi has worked hard to make Kosibah a truly global brand, but with clientele particularly well represented in the UK, USA, West and South Africa and the Caribbean. Among his celebrated clients, Yemi counts Lady Janet Boateng, Dianne Abbott MP, Kelly Rowland, Alesha Dixon, Sheila Ferguson, Hollywood actress Indra Ové, Louise Rose and members of several royal families in Nigeria and Ghana. Still on Yemi’s wish list of celebrities to dress are Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Padma Lakshmi, and Keira Knightley.

Yemi has been widely recognised in the industry for his hard work and beautiful and graceful designs. To list a few of the many that he has been awarded;

  • 100+ Black Achievers, July 2010
  • Fashion Diversity, Nov 2009
  • Excellence Award, Gathering of Africa’s Best
  • Diamond Recognition from National Weddings UK, Sep 2005
  • Bridal Designer of the Year, 2002 and 2004, Mahogany Bridal Awards
  • Highly Commended, National Wedding Show, March 2002

This is what Yemi had to say about our Inspire101 Wedding and Special Events Workshop

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be speaking at an event organised by the wonderful Seyi of Cedar Events and her team because I know it would be executed with amazing precision and professionalism. It gives me an ideal platform to share some ideas with Wedding Planners on how best to assist and advice a bride during the purchase of one of the most expensive and expectation laden items of clothing she would ever buy – her wedding dress! I’m also looking forward to sharing the secrets of couture that go into creating a Kosibah or any other bespoke bridal gown”.


We are absolutely delighted to have Yemi as one of our VIP speakers and we know our ardent delegates and special guests will be inspired, educated and will have an experience to remember.

To see more of Yemi’s work and keep updated on the Kosibah line head over to his;




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