Chocolate dreams………Shoes! Bag!! Champagne!!!

I couldn’t really miss the opportunity that it’s Chocolate week to send out this blog about this amazing company that i met early this year at a trade exhibition.

Gorgeous chocolate shoes, handbags and champagne…. really are the makings of the perfect dream. What more could a girl ask for?

Being a lover of chocolate myself i made a beeline for them at the exhibition.

I trust reading this will be the perfect start to your weekend.

Choco Rico is a limited edition collection of unique gifts handcrafted from Belgian chocolate.

This fabulous range of beautifully designed and packaged chocolate shoes and handbags has been created by Frances Cooley – West Country artist, chocolatier and boutique cake maker.

ChocChic combines the finest chocolate and original style to create perfect one-of-a-kind gift.

Choose co-ordinating shoes and handbags in zebra print, leopard print, red, spotty, flowers, pink, red or brown

Choco Rico now sell in Liberty’s, Harvey Nichols, Bentalls, and The Archway Deli in Clifton.

They’ve made an appearance at Grazia and TK Maxx parties, and are part of afternoon tea at the Hyatt Regency in London.

Chocolate, champagne, handbags, & shoes… indeed what more could a girl ask for

To find out more about this unique gift items check out their website at

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3 Responses to Chocolate dreams………Shoes! Bag!! Champagne!!!

  1. bisi says:

    lovely products. lovely blog. xb

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