Getting to Know: Claire Ogden Designs

It is with much pleasure that I present this blog on Claire Ogden Designs one of the sponsors for the Kosibah 20th Anniversary.

Despite being quite busy ensuring all went according to plan at the event I could not but notice the sparkly tiaras and jewellery that beautifully complemented Kosibah’s stunning new collection Bienvenue20

Claire Ogden Designs specialise in the most exquisite handmade wedding accessories consisting of stunning bridal tiaras, wedding combs, bridal jewellery and crystal bouquets.  When looking for a company that offers a faultless service and breathtakingly beautiful pieces which are all one of a kind and unique in their own right then Claire Ogden Designs should be on your radar All the materials used are high quality and many original or vintage pieces are used to create beautiful designs to complete your gorgeous wedding theme. Her testimonials say it all.

Being the inquisitive person that I am I wanted to find out a bit more about her business and she has graciously answered some questions which I am sure you will all find insightful and enjoyable: Here we go

CedarEventress: So how did it all start then Claire?

Claire Ogden: I am just too creative, I have too much creative energy and needed to find something to satisfy all my bubbling creativeness! My jewellery making REALLY took off, I started to sell pieces and then received a good amount of orders, people come back for more, this is how my business began, I slowly build things up and introduce new ranges, I don’t want to crash and burn! I started the business in 2009

CedarEventress: Would you please tell us about any work you have recently produced

I have created a lot of beautiful bespoke packages over the last year and my latest creation was a stunning bridal bouquet and obviously the collection I produced for the Kosibah Event!

Below are some images of the beautiful peices from the event:



CedarEventress: So what are you working on at the moment?

Claire Ogden:  I work on lots of other jewellery ranges as well as weddings and I have an event coming up which I need to create lots of jewellery for, mainly dramatic pieces that people can wear with their party frocks for Christmas!!

CedarEventress: I would like to know what a typical working day looks like for you.

Claire Ogden:  My weekdays and weekends are very different, during the week I go to work throughout the day, it is up early, help sort the boys, shower, dress and leave the house after lots of kisses and cuddles to get the bus at 8.00am. My wonderful husband takes the boys to school club (prior to school) and continues on to work. The bus stop is across the road (phew) and I catch the bus and spend the hour journey on my phone catching up with twitter, emails and web based info and try to switch off for 15 mins by reading a book (I am an AVID reader!!!) I arrive in Manchester City Centre and do any errands that need running before work and begin my job at 9.30. I work as a Secretary in an Architects Practice, my job is very varied and I have a lot to do, I break for lunch and catch up with my emails, my phones really is my life support! or schedule a blog post but a couple of days I just switch off and read.

I officially finish work at 5.00pm, get the bus home and fill my hour journey reading (I need to switch off on the way home, have I mentioned I LOVE books???? I read one a week…or thereabouts…I am a walking library….I think a lot of my inspiration comes from books, stories, characters…anyway I REALLY adore books! Get home (usually last off the bus, I live in the hills, high up in the moors!! Not quite actually but I do live on the top of a big hill) my hubbie has tea on the go when I get in and we have a big catch up of the day (I speak to Stephen about 100 times during the day even just to say hello, he is my ultimate support and I couldn’t begin to do a quarter of what I do if he didn’t help out, oh and we would all starve too!) All four of us sit around the table to eat tea (we do for every meal and always have) we usually serve in the middle and just dig in; we talk about everything we have done during the day. After tea I might try and catch up with some jobs (this usually doesn’t happen until the weekend) and sit down in my little workshop to schedule blog posts or features, I try to catch up with my social networking and send out emails I have promised (massive to do list!)

If I am lucky I schedule my tweets in for the following day and chat on twitter. Some evenings I design and create other evenings I catch up online…..I do a lot of researching and sourcing online and I MEAN A LOT, this can take hours and hours and nothing else gets done no matter how hard I try.

The boys go to bed about 08.00pm and I try to read for half an hour before I go to sleep…..did I tell you I am an AVID reader….. The top and bottom of it is I probably try to do too much, I work to deadlines at work and have a lot on my shoulders so sometimes I come home so tired I do nothing but sit with my family, we aim to have movie night at some point, usually on a Saturday, family time is very important too.

CedarEventress: Describe your clientele

Claire Ogden: Everyone and anyone, I work with lots of wonderful people and build strong solid relationships with them, because I offer should a faultless service I get lots and lots of repeat business.

 CedarEventress: What have been the highlights of running your own business?

Claire Ogden: Being very creative, being confident and knowledgeable in my field and having a good eye for design. I work hard at building up beautiful relationships and making people happy in return I get given amazing opportunities and repeat business as well as lots of new business relationships and friends.

CedarEventress: What is the hardest part of running your own business?

Claire Ogden: Balancing everything with a full time job, 2 hour commute and small children, it is all about balance.

It is not yet my full time business but I feel like it is! I work so damn hard, unfortunately you have to do everything from accounts, PR, marketing, Touching base, designing, sourcing materials and making, busy times! I am self taught, a have to admit I keep at something until it is perfect too, I have very high standards! Sometimes I expect too much from myself!

CedarEventress: What has been your proudest business moment so far?

Claire Ogden: Working with Yemi….without a doubt.

CedarEventress: What, or who, inspires and motivates you?

Claire Ogden: My clients, I could not progress as I do without them. My husband and children are so proud and support me 100%

CedarEventress: Tell us about your involvement in the Kosibah 20th Anniversary event and why you got involved.

 Claire Ogden: Yemi asked me to be involved, he sent me sketches of his collections and asked me to create as many of the accessories I felt comfortable with, I went to town and did the lot, it is the best opportunity I have been given and I love the fact that Yemi saw my design flair and believes in me, I would LOVE to work with him again. For that short space of a couple of months Yemi turned my dream into a reality and helped me break through and share my creations, I will never forget him for that! I can’t thank him enough.

I created pieces that were delicate but intricately designed, tiaras that had impact but not over the top and could be worn with any of Yemi’s gorgeous gowns. I used vintage pieces as well as reproduction pieces and lots of Swarovski crystals. Each piece are made uniquely and are OOAK (“one of a kind”), never to be recreated and are all handmade.

I wanted to create affordable pieces that were stunning and individual in their own right, Yemi believed I had done just that!

Claire Ogden can be found through the follow social media portals. Do follow her.

Twitter: cogdendesigns

Facebook Page: claireogdendesignsjewellery and claireogdendesignsweddings

Visit her website:

And finally I am so pleased to share just a snippet of Claire Ogden’s amazing portfolio of work


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5 Responses to Getting to Know: Claire Ogden Designs

  1. georgie says:

    What an absolutely fabulous read!!…;o)

  2. Thanks for that Seyi. I’m so pleased with the beautiful pieces Claire designed for my Bienvenue 20 Bridal Collection and it’s very interesting getting to know much more about her through your blog.

    I look forward to reading about the other suppliers.

  3. Gorgeous accessories! You did a splendid job Claire.

  4. Mosun Olusanya says:

    Gorgeous accessories!

  5. claireogdendesigns says:

    Thank you all for your beautiful comments!! x

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